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Chapter One Accumulate•summary
Footprints that grow, every step makes sense。So people, businesses as well。ZhongXin Weaving was founded in 2004,set design, development, production and sales in one。Professionals involved in elastic lace, elastic band, with the word jacquard belt, with the underwear braces and other high-end brands used accessories。Development so far, considerable size。Plant covers an area of 23,000 square meters, construction area of 42,800 square meters。Continuous improvement of technology, with modern automation and intelligent production technology system and more than 300 domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, including Germany, "KARL MAYER" warp knitting machine, Switzerland "about. Ke Mu Muli" shuttleless machines and Hong Kong Guoxing dyeing machine and so on。In addition, according to international standard design and construction of a physical and chemical testing room。Business coverage of domestic and foreign markets, the pursuit of quality, environmental protection and comfortable product output, to create sincere, convenient and comprehensive service concept.
“Smoothly, do not jump; reverse, not hungry; security, not luxury; dangerous, not scared。”Down-to-earth, seeking win-win situation, welcomed the new and old customers For more information。

Chapter II RejuvenateSome people say: "Without the quality of culture, there is no quality of leadership; building a corporate culture is a top priority."Knowing that corporate culture is closely linked to the future development。ZhongXin Weaving is guided by the transmission of the core values of socialism and aims to create a positive atmosphere of vitality and health. With this as its connotation, CITIC Textile Co., Ltd. develops both internally and externally.

Chapter II Rejuvenate•culture
1. People-oriented, do their bestIf life does not have a goal, it is a loss of life。ZhongXin Weaving attaches great importance to the growth of each employee, the positive direction of the sun。In the development of enterprises at the same time, do our utmost to enhance staff's sense of belonging。Including a clear vision of the work plan, a reasonable salary system, a sound welfare system, a sound logistics support, and even for specific cases, to provide personalized support and assistance, and strive to make every Citic feel the worry-free life, work pleasure。Respect, can only be harmonious; Altruism, can be stable。
2、Vibrant, determined to become a cityEnterprises, the team is the condensation, full of combat effectiveness, to invincible, invincible. Build a team of mature, hard working and sunshine, both direction and goal. This requires that we always establish the management idea of serving staff. Sincere love, equality of communication, affirmation of achievements, correct mistakes. Willing to work side by side, no matter what experience, can warm each other. Let everyone on the other side of the country be worthlessly rumored to sow new hope with unrealized dreams.
3、Emphasis on the environment, positive interactionEfficient work, inseparable from the mind of the environment. Not the primary factor, but indispensable. Clean, bright and spacious factory buildings, modern, elegant and high-end buildings, to meet the basic needs of the premise, make every effort to improve, sincerity is evident. Rich lifestyle, healthy and comfortable external environment, greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of staff is conducive to shaping the social responsibility, teamwork, dedication love the excellent quality. Never forget the stars sea, has been on the road. Day and night, thriving.