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Global textile network Burma show management the first day of the opening of 4300 Procurement Exhibition

2018/02/07 21:03

In December 8th, China Textile City first overseas show management -- 2017 Burma International Textile Expo 2017 Zhejiang (Burma) Export Commodities Fair opened in Yangon are tajmar International Convention and Exhibition Center, hundreds of textile city merchants as the focus of the exhibition in Burma, started China textile city brand Baotuan

The exhibition is held in Keqiao China Textile City. It is the first textile professional exhibition jointly launched by both China and Myanmar. The exhibition will last for 3 days, with more than 160 booths on site, and 150 companies exhibiting, and has been strongly supported by Chinese and Burmese government departments. It is believed that the opening of this exhibition will open a new pattern in the field of Sino Burmese textile industry and open a new market for Sino Burmese textile enterprises. According to statistics, the first day of the exhibition registered 4300 purchasers, the first day of the purchase of nearly $15 million.

This exhibition aims to help countries along the road of Zhejiang textile enterprises to explore the market area, seek new trade orders. Most of the exhibitors attending the exhibition were from the textile city merchants in Keqiao, Shaoxing. Among them, the global textile network and online Textile City as the sponsor of the self exhibition exhibition organized nearly 100 member enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The trip to Burma, is Chinese Textile City "all over the world, The Belt and Road" for the first station, 2018, Chinese Textile City and the global textile network will continue to be The Belt and Road trip to other countries along the Pakistan to promote Asian textile machinery and Asian apparel fabrics Exhibition (March 27-29), Bangladesh - Dhaka international textile surface materials and Textile Machinery Exhibition (January 31st -2 3) project has been started.

Leading the guests Photo Exhibition

As the first textile exhibition in Burma, the exhibition was held to stir up the local textile industry and was strongly supported by the government departments of China and Burma. In the morning of the opening ceremony held on the Embassy in Burma on the frontier, Counsellor Embassy in Burma commercial office Peng Shaofeng, Chinese textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president Zhang Xinmin, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Li Yang, Shaoxing Zhu Jianming, vice mayor of Keqiao District Chinese textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Xiao Ling, President of the Burma chamber of Commerce China Liu Ying, Zhejiang China textile city group Limited by Share Ltd chairman Weng Guizhen and other Chinese leaders.

Chinese leading guests

Myanmar leaders and guests
The leaders of China and Myanmar came together to give the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Congratulations on the successful opening of the exhibition. After the opening ceremony, the leading group visited the museum and exchanged with the key exhibitors.
Opening ceremony
Keqiao District standing committee, deputy mayor Zhu Jianming, Chinese textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president Zhang Xinmin, Zhejiang Provincial Department of commerce foreign trade department deputy director Li Yang accompanied the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Commerce of Burma Long Wu Dohan min and ambassador to Burma embassy counsellor in the border patrol Museum
To carry out the first day of the afternoon, in the Burma Pavilion field serves area, quality of Zhejiang goods marketing the world - China Textile City fashion show wonderful interpretation, exotic deductive models of textile city fabric fashion, dozens of Chinese from Keqiao Textile City creative design exhibition with Burma famous kind of clothing, the models on the T platform. This fashion clothing from Keqiao clothing and fabric enterprises, perfect to show the Keqiao fashion charm, Shaoxing Yongsheng trade limited company, Zhejiang Lisa Bella Textile Clothing Co., Shaoxing Feng Shen Textile Co. Ltd. global textile network member companies like clothing works are also involved in the show display.
There are more than a hundred visitors from China, Burma, India and other countries watching this wonderful show. The show area is very lively and exciting.
The precious three days time, in order to let both sides enterprises obtain sufficient communication, the next exhibition will be held in a number of supporting activities, carry out the first day of evening, will hold the "Belt and Road Initiative" Burma Textile Economic Forum and the opening ceremony of the dinner, the textile and garment enterprises was a number of experts, to share the investment environment in Burma, policy, finance, import and export laws and regulations, etc.; second days will be held matchmaking and Burma clothing style show and other exciting activities.
From the discussion forum to Burma to exchange clothing solid single docking, both sides will be in the exhibition enterprises based on multi direction to obtain the full exchange, believe that the exhibition will open on the depth Burma textile field to develop the new patterns, opened a new market for China textile enterprises cooperation.