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China's first gray yarn and chemical fiber professional exhibition "2018 China Keqiao fabric new material exhibition" was offici

2018/02/07 22:52

On the morning of January 25, "2018 China Keqiao New Textile Materials Exhibition" was held at the Furama Hotel in Keqiao. Over 100 gray fabrics, yarn, fiber enterprises, industry associations and media reporters participated in the conference.

A line, a yarn, rolls of fabric from this. Nowadays, the innovative technologies in the fields of fabric, fiber and yarn are more and more abundant. The application of recycled fiber enables us to recycle our clothes. The application of non-dyed fiber allows us to reduce the environmental pollution caused by printing and dyeing and refresh the application of technology fabrics. Our definition of clothing function. It can be said that this area is the source of textile innovation, the source of fashion.

About 2018 China Keqiao Gray Cloth Textile New Material Exhibition to be held on April 26-28 this year in Keqiao China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center will bring together domestic and foreign advanced and innovative fabrics, yarns, fiber products and enterprises Keqiao advantage of textile gathering, open one
Field textile feast.
This event is the first time the show officially launched and open investment, designed to enterprises, the media released a detailed exhibition and investment policies. Wang Jiayi, Chairman of China Filament Weaving Association, Huang Xiaojin, Secretary General, Zhang Jingbo, Deputy Secretary-General, Xu Haifang, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Director of China Textile City Construction Management Committee, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Shaoxing Keqiao District Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Office Deputy Director Ma Zhouyong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd., Wang Baitong, chairman of Zhejiang China Textile City Network Co., Ltd., Global Textile Network and CEO Han Chong of China Textile City Online attended the meeting. In the meantime, representatives from various marketing companies, business associations and business representatives in China Textile City were also present.
A fabric based on the distribution center of the gray fabric event
There are more than 30,000 textile enterprises in Keqiao Textile City. The annual turnover of textiles exceeds RMB170 billion. It can be said that there is the largest group of textile raw materials such as gray cloths and yarns in China. Therefore, this exhibition was held in Keqiao, Has a unique advantage. At the conference, Ms. Xu Haifang, deputy secretary of party committee and deputy director of Construction & Management Committee of China Textile City Construction and Management Committee, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, gave a welcome speech. She expressed the hope that with the help of 2018 China Keqiao New Textile Material Exhibition, Enterprises linked together, so that outstanding enterprises to focus on display, play a leading role in the industry leading enterprises. In order to boost the smooth progress of the fair, it will also be fully promoted in the market of China Textile City, providing sufficient docking for upstream exhibitors and fabric enterprises in China Textile City.
Keqiao District, Shaoxing, China Textile City Construction and Management Committee, deputy party secretary Xu Haifang
A grand gathering of domestic advanced textile technology
As an important organizer of this exhibition and authority, China Filament Weaving Association, will provide professional guidance for this exhibition and bring strong industry influence. Mr. Wang Jiayi, President of China Filament Weaving Association, said in his speech , The exhibition chose to hold in Keqiao is fancy her resource advantages, President Wang also said that it will launch a large number of upstream China Silk Weaving Association members and industry resources, and strive to promote the exhibition breeze.
China Filament Weaving Association president Wang Jiayi
A trend to explore the forefront of fashion industry event
Zhang Weibo, deputy secretary-general of China Filament Weaving Association, made a presentation on the contents of the exhibition. He said that this exhibition will rely on the resources advantages of the textile distribution center in Keqiao and will build a platform for the exchange and exchange of advanced textile raw materials in China. Planning exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, set up new materials exhibition area, large special equipment area, small special equipment area, standard booths four exhibition area, exhibition exhibits more than 20 million models, is expected to attract more than 1 million passenger flow. In order to ensure the smooth development of the exhibition, attract more professional visitors to participate in the exhibition, the organizers have combined the vast number of industry media, network media to expand the exhibition influence, and contact Shengze, Changxing, Lanxi, Shandong Changyi, Henan, Xinjiang, Sichuan And many other industrial belt enterprises to participate in this exhibition, and strive to provide more for the acquisition and supply of docking opportunities for cooperation. Zhang Jingbo to "a new era of new mission new exhibition a new future," the end of the show promotion, expressed the high expectations of this show.
Zhang Weibo, deputy secretary general of China Filament Weaving Association
Global Textile Network, the online textile city as the organizer, CEO Han Chong at the meeting to share the presence of enterprises, "the Internet and traditional supply chain integration." He said the exhibition is a global textile network, online textile city platform focused on creating a service in recent years, Myanmar's own exhibition since the end of last year, the fabric exhibition in April this year is the platform 2018 the first important self-exhibition, the company It will give full play to its channel advantages and advantages of member resources in the textile B2B e-commerce platform and provide sufficient strength in the stage of publicity, investment invitation and buyer invitation. This year, the company will also bring more high-quality, convenient and efficient MICE services to textile enterprises through its Yifang MICE fair.
Global Textile Network, online textile city CEO Han Chong
It is reported that pre-show has started the pre-warming investment, many companies have pre-registration, and this conference, a strong lineup of the organizing committee, excellent exhibition advantages and preferential investment policies, attracted businesses have to consult, on-site registration . It is understood that the organizers have a number of domestic trade associations and chambers of commerce to establish cooperation, the exhibition is bound to develop into a professional industry convergence advanced technology, raw materials event.